Grand Sable

Grand Sable: Belle-Île as a creative utopia.

Created in 2018, the Grand Sable brand specializes in the sale of high-end handcrafted and scented creations. Its mission? To allow everyone to make still journeys... Breathe, close your eyes and let yourself be transported to a small sunny beach, facing the immensity of the ocean. But who is hiding behind Grand Sable?

Two passionate artists inspired by Belle-Île.

It is here that Marguerite and Stéphane have chosen to set up their studio in order to make their ideas and desires flourish. Curious and sensitive to aesthetics for as long as they can remember, training at the École des Beaux-Arts was an obvious choice for them. The creative impulse has always been at the heart of their professional activity. Marguerite is a designer and interior architect, Stéphane is a photographer. Inventing, listening, touching, feeling, experimenting, shaping... Their need to create is stronger than anything. It is an energy comparable to instinct that pushes them to constantly question themselves in order to propose new artistic interpretations.

Through their works, the two artists wish to share their poetic and dreamlike universe. It is an invitation to dream, to escape, to observe the world to feel all its beauty. To detach oneself to better refocus on the essential. A complex and paradoxical object, the motif of the island becomes for Marguerite and Stéphane a source of inspiration. Lovers of islands, the two creators have found in insularity a powerful gas pedal of the imagination. Belle-Île and Grand Sable will henceforth become one. The island as a starting point for subjectivity.


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