Grand Sable

Grand Sable: Crafting Scents and Visions from Belle-Île

A Haven of Creativity on Belle-Île

Founded in 2018, Grand Sable is not just a brand but a creative utopia nestled in the heart of Belle-Île. Specializing in high-end handcrafted and scented creations, Grand Sable aims to offer "still journeys" that transport you to serene landscapes through the art of fragrance. Close your eyes, breathe in, and find yourself on a sunlit beach facing the vast ocean.

The Artistic Duo Behind the Brand

At the core of Grand Sable are Marguerite and Stéphane, two passionate artists whose lives have been steeped in aesthetics. Their studio in Belle-Île is a crucible of creativity, where ideas transform into tangible expressions of art. Both alumni of the École des Beaux-Arts, Marguerite excels as a designer and interior architect, while Stéphane brings visions to life through his photography.

A Symphony of Sensory Experiences

Together, Marguerite and Stéphane are driven by an instinctual need to create. Their work is a continuous dialogue of inventing, listening, touching, feeling, and experimenting, which results in new artistic interpretations. Their creations are invitations to dream, to escape the mundane, and to observe the beauty of the world—urging us to detach and refocus on what’s essential.

The Island as Muse

For these island-loving creators, Belle-Île itself becomes a motif in their work—a paradoxical symbol of isolation and inspiration. This powerful catalyst fuels their imagination, allowing Grand Sable to seamlessly blend the essence of the island with their artistic endeavors. For Marguerite and Stéphane, Belle-Île is more than a location; it is a state of mind that permeates every creation. 

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