Les Gros Doux

I am Sophie, creator and founder of Gros Doux, original and quirky comforters.

Graduated in graphic design and passionate about illustration and screen printing, I have always been interested in creating for the world of children.

Les Gros Doux was born out of my desire to bring a touch of rock'n'roll to the world of children by creating quirky characters, with frank and gender-neutral colors, no more pink and blue, make way for black and white !

(Did you know? Babies and young children have very limited eyesight and are therefore very attracted to strong contrasts. Black and white being the ultimate contrast - and my favorite graphic pairing too :) - this choice is is simply imposed! 

The motto of the Gros Doux? Quirky cuddly toys, for young and old, who like to play tough!

Very concerned about environmental issues, I was very keen, for production, to be in ethical craftsmanship, made in France and on small series. That's why Les Gros Doux are 100% handmade by me, from the design to the sewing, including the hand-made silkscreen printing.

The choice of materials was also very important, I chose to use GOTS certified organic cotton, Oeko-Tex certified water-based inks and hypoallergenic polyester padding.

Conformity tests have been carried out in a specialized laboratory and Les Gros Doux meets CE standards.

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