Haomy: Crafting Sustainable Elegance in Linen and Cotton

The Evolution of Haomy

Founded as Maison Dubos in 1981, Haomy began as a humble distributor of furnishing products aimed at decorators, upholsterers, and furniture professionals. Over the decades, under the leadership of Lionel Dubos who joined the family business in 1992, the company expanded both in France and internationally.

A Milestone in Textile Innovation

In 1999, the brand was reinvigorated as Harmony Textiles by Emilie and Lionel Dubos, marking its debut at the prestigious Maison & Objet show in Paris. By 2018, the brand had achieved nationwide success in France due to its commitment to natural materials, quality, and timeless designs, prompting its launch on the international stage.

Sustainable Growth and Recognition

The year 2019 saw the launch of an outdoor range, further enriching its indoor collection with items like cushions and sun loungers. In 2020, Harmony Textiles' dedication to eco-responsibility was recognized with the OEKO-TEX® Made in Green and European Flax™ labels. The following year, to accommodate its expanding operations, the company moved to a new 8,000 m² logistics site in Bordeaux.

A New Era as Haomy

In 2022, embracing a refreshed and simplified identity, Harmony Textiles became Haomy. This change reflected the brand’s ongoing commitment to creativity, quality, and environmental stewardship. Today, Haomy stands as a beacon of sustainable, family-run textile craftsmanship, renowned for its luxurious decorative textiles made from linen and cotton.

Sustainability at the Core

Lionel Dubos, chairman and co-founder, emphasizes Haomy's mission: to produce top-range decorative textiles responsibly. Creativity, quality, and a strong commitment to environmental and social values remain the cornerstone of Haomy, ensuring customer satisfaction and team fulfillment.


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