Kaldo: Elevate Your Beach Experience with Stylish French Craftsmanship

Bask in Comfort with Kaldo’s French Wooden Beach Backrest

Enjoying the gentle sun and the soothing sounds of the waves is a quintessential pleasure. Kaldo enhances these moments with a stylish twist, offering a 100% French wooden beach backrest that combines relaxation with elegance. Whether sitting, lying down, or lounging sideways, Kaldo's versatile beach backrest provides both support and comfort, ensuring you maintain a good posture while relaxing.

Sustainable French Craftsmanship

Kaldo is committed to environmental sustainability and local production. Every backrest is crafted in the Basque Country, embodying the spirit of eco-friendly production. By choosing Kaldo, you support local craftsmanship, reduce environmental impact through shorter transport routes, and contribute to the economic prosperity of French regions.

Supporting Local Artisans

Kaldo collaborates with over 20 French artisans, suppliers, and service providers to create each beach backrest. This commitment not only ensures high-quality, sustainable products but also promotes the local economy and provides fair wages within the community.

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