La Mollla

La Mollla: Crafting Timeless Elegance from Simple Springs

Founded in 1987 by Tiziana Redavid, La Mollla began its journey in an unconventional setting—an industrial spring factory. What started as a curious experiment by Redavid, a student of architecture, has evolved into a renowned jewelry brand known for transforming simple stainless steel springs into exquisite wearable art.

Innovative Beginnings and Artistic Vision

The inspiration struck Tiziana when she adorned her wrist with scattered springs, reminiscent of African ornaments. She saw potential in the industrial material, leading to the creation of La Mollla—a name derived from the Italian word for spring, "molla," stylized with three L's to mimic the spring's motion.

Each piece, particularly the iconic bracelet launched in 1997, is composed of 97 springs, symbolizing its inception year. Despite its simplicity, the bracelet offers a silk-like texture and astonishing lightness, challenging the conventions of traditional jewelry.

A Global Sensation and Commitment to Craftsmanship

La Mollla's bracelets debuted in Paris and quickly became a global fashion phenomenon. Tiziana's creations, celebrated for their creativity and elegance, are distributed in major cities like London, New York, Tokyo, Los Angeles, and Moscow. Each year, new collections are introduced, showcasing Tiziana's commitment to combining force, creativity, elegance, and aesthetics harmoniously.

Sustainable and Timeless Designs

La Mollla is more than just a jewelry brand; it represents a love for Italian design, craftsmanship, and sustainability. The brand stands for the seamless integration of industrial and artisanal techniques, a testament to the respect for materials and the environment. Components are often reused to minimize waste, reflecting the brand's sustainable practices.

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