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The Sweet Tradition of Révillon Papillotes: Wrapped in History and Chocolate

The birth of the papillote traces back to 1790 in Lyon, within the confectionery shop of the pastry chef, Sieur Papillot. The tale unfolds with his apprentice, who secretly gifted chocolates wrapped in love notes to his beloved. Upon discovering the missing chocolates, Sieur Papillot, intrigued rather than outraged by his assistant’s romantic gesture, adopted the idea. Transforming it slightly, he began wrapping the chocolates with inspirational quotes, thus inventing the papillote.

Révillon Chocolatier has since turned this delightful tradition into a Christmas staple. Established in Lyon in 1898 by the Thomas and Pelen families, and now based in Roanne since the 1970s, Révillon specializes in creating enchanting chocolates that enhance every celebration. The papillote, with its glistening wrapping and heartfelt messages, embodies this tradition.

Every winter, Révillon’s dedicated team of 365 chocolatiers innovates with quality, gourmet recipes, offering a variety of flavors and textures that promise shared moments of joy. Their commitment to maintaining the classic recipes that have defined their success, alongside crafting new delights, ensures every piece of chocolate from Révillon is a testament to their rich heritage and artisanal expertise.

Their signature praline, made from the finest hazelnuts and almonds, and their velvety ganache highlight Révillon’s mastery over traditional French chocolate techniques. These creations not only celebrate their status as a Living Heritage Company but also contribute to the vibrant local economy in Roanne, making Révillon a pillar of the community.


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