Révillon Chocolatier

The Révillon papillote
The legend tells that the papillote was born in 1790 in the shop of the pastry cook of Lyon Sieur Papillot. His apprentice, madly in love, offered to his beautiful, chocolates wrapped with sweet words.

Noticing the disappearance of his chocolates, Sieur Papillot suspected his assistant, spied on him and recognized him as the author of the crime.

Charmed by the idea, he took it into his own hands and replaced the declarations by quotations...

The Papillote was born!


"And we have made this symbol of Christmas our specialty! The Révillon papillotes, it is not only a delicious chocolate, with greedy recipes worked since 1898, but also a message to be shared with those you love, the whole in pretty brilliant packing.

Are you patiently waiting for winter to set in to find them? We know you love to enjoy them and share them with all your loved ones.

So that you can celebrate their return every year, we are constantly developing quality, gourmet and innovative recipes. And to delight you even more, we offer them in multiple flavors and textures to guarantee delicious moments of sweetness to share."

Révillon Chocolatier, enchanter since 1898
Révillon Chocolatier, it is an adventure started in Lyon in 1898 by the Thomas and Pelen families. Since the 70's, we are established in the beautiful city of Roanne in the Loire. Our objective? To create delicious chocolates that will make all your festive moments unforgettable. All year long, our team of 365 passionate people imagine and create delicious chocolates so that your festive periods are real convivial, enchanting and especially unique moments.

You like our chocolates? So do we! And to offer you the best, we perpetuate the recipes that have made our success. But not only! We also create new ones to please all chocolate lovers and always delight you. We make sure that all our know-how and our passion for chocolate are passed on from generation to generation and are reflected in our creations.

We have at heart to make each of your Christmas and Easter parties moments of shared pleasure. To do so, we use our precious know-how to create chocolates that will surely enchant your little moments of happiness. Speaking of our know-how, do you know them?

The praline
Pure hazelnuts, pure almonds or almonds/hazelnuts, the praline is at the heart of our know-how and you will find it in many recipes. We take care to make it in the traditional way. Once roasted, the dried fruits are combined with caramelized sugar during the cooking process, then they are ground as finely as possible until a very melting preparation is obtained.

The ganache
The ganache is the emblem of the French chocolate know-how throughout the world. It is a hot mixture of dairy products and chocolate. Thanks to this unctuous mixture, all the intensity and aromatic subtlety of the chocolates are amplified.

The wrapper
We wear the colors of the papillote, the symbolic chocolate of Christmas, which is part of our history. Because what we love most is to offer you moments of happiness and pleasure shared with those who matter, thanks to their gourmet recipes and the messages they contain.

And all these know-how, we have been practising them for more than 120 years, which is why Révillon has been recognized as a Living Heritage Company, only that!

For more than 50 years, we invest and develop our company on the Roannais territory where our manufacturing site and also our packaging site are located. For us, it is essential to participate in the local dynamism! We are particularly proud today to employ 365 chocolate enthusiasts who combine their skills and know-how to develop, manufacture, market and deliver these delicious chocolates which will delight you at Christmas and Easter.

In a few words, Révillon is :

A strong historical anchorage
A traditional know-how
A 100% French manufacturing
A group of passionate people

And this beautiful story that we have been sharing with you for more than 120 years is not ready to stop! All together, it's up to us to write the next chapter...


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