Mad et Len

MAD et LEN traps the scents of memories into beautifully handcrafted objects and experimental fragrances.

The nature that surrounds the brand’s atelier in the southern France Alps serves as the main source of inspiration for its perfume and candle lines as well as for the organic shapes of its furniture pieces, which always feature a certain sophisticated rawness. In the peaceful atmosphere of those rough and barely inhabited landscapes, the minds of Sandra and Alexandre, designers of MAD et LEN, are free to wander through their past experiences, recalling their trips all over the word, like the time they spent in Africa, New Caledonia, Fiji Islands and Malaysia, working and living as the locals. Those precious souvenirs of life are the soul of MAD et LEN approach to perfumery and design.

By choosing to use only the finest seasonal ingredients, worked through a small-scale production, Sandra and Alexandre reviewed the traditional apothecary’s craft and achieved the highest standard of quality and pureness while respecting the nature rhythms. The same careful attention is paid to furniture pieces, which are entirely made in cold laminated iron without using any industrial techniques.

Through its perfumes and objects, MAD et LEN aims to bring back the original taste of things, awaking our primal olfactory and tactile senses from the anesthetized sleep of daily life.



We believe that each one of our differences can make a difference.

We believe that beauty is as diverse as there are humans beings on earth.

We believe that perfume transcends our emotions, which is why we need to carefully choose the right paths.

We use Raw materials to create formulas with very few ingredients to echo our desire for simplicity.

We work with Nature and its cycles, which at times might slightly alter the aroma of some ingredients from season to season.

We refuse to use: paraffin or other petroleum based component or the use of CMR molecule in our creations.

We follow the beat of our own drum, both creatively and commercially.

We are privately owned giving us total freedom from any bank or financial entity; we started small and remain that way by choice.

We are looking to creates a new contemporary concept of the French perfumery: an innovation of working and experimenting on a new form of beauty trough our primal olfactory and tactile senses.

We support a craftsmanship ecosystem: from handcrafted iron, hand-blended perfumes to hand filled bottles, everything is handmade by our small but talented team of artisans at the atelier.

All our Irons are handcrafted with distinct little bumps and scratches giving you one of a kind pieces of art.

We believe that the artwork our team offers is unique and deserve a fair pay, making it not plausible to lower or offer special sale on our products.

We believe it is our duty to respect indegenous cultures and knowledge of nature and pass it on to you.

We seek for a poetic balance and sophisticated rawness. We want to care for your skin, not automatically correct its imperfections.

We see each wrinkle or spot as a testimony to a beautiful story filled with emotions.

We prefer the sound of a pen for a letter rather than the sound of a keyboard.

We may take some time to answer your queries because we are busy embracing Nature’s beauty where timing is not always of the essence.

Time flies, we are « A la recherche du temps perdu »


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