Mad et Len

MAD et LEN: Crafting Memories Through Scent and Form

An Artisanal Journey Inspired by Nature Nestled in the serene landscapes of the Southern French Alps, MAD et LEN is a testament to the art of fragrance and design. Sandra and Alexandre, the visionary creators behind the brand, draw profound inspiration from the rugged beauty that surrounds their atelier. Their experiences living and working in diverse cultures such as Africa, New Caledonia, the Fiji Islands, and Malaysia infuse their creations with a rich narrative of global heritage.

Reviving the Apothecary’s Art MAD et LEN is distinguished by its commitment to small-scale production, utilizing only the finest seasonal ingredients to ensure unparalleled purity and quality. This approach not only honors traditional apothecary crafts but also respects the natural rhythms of the environment. The brand’s dedication extends to their furniture line, featuring handcrafted pieces made from cold laminated iron that eschew industrial techniques for a more authentic touch.

Perfumery Redefined Through their unique perfumes and meticulously crafted objects, MAD et LEN aim to awaken the dormant senses, bringing a tactile and olfactory richness to the fore. Their work embodies a return to the essential, celebrating the beauty of raw materials and the simple elegance of nature’s own design.


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