Maison Martin

Maison Martin: A Culinary Legacy Fueled by Passion and Taste

A Trio of Culinary Innovators Maison Martin is the brainchild of three cousins—Jean Baptiste, Anna, and Benjamin Martin—each bringing their own flavor of expertise and innovation to the table. Jean Baptiste Martin, a major graduate from Ecole Supérieure de Cuisine Française Ferrandi Paris, has spent 25 years perfecting his culinary art. His experience ranges from cooking aboard a ship in the Pacific to crafting dishes in California, and finally co-founding Cuisine Coup de Coeur with Anna in 2007. His culinary philosophy combines beauty, taste, and audacity.

Anna Martin, also a Ferrandi graduate, has refined her skills in both France and California, working in starred gastronomic restaurants. In 2007, she turned her passion towards educating others by co-founding Cuisine Coup de Coeur, a cooking school that aims to share culinary arts with the general public. Her approach is to share the best with enthusiasm.

Benjamin Martin, with a business background and experience in both the cosmetics industry and a fashion start-up, brings a keen sense of entrepreneurship to the Maison. His philosophy centers on using curiosity to enhance culinary experiences.

Artisanal Hot Sauce Production At Maison Martin, the creation of hot sauce is an art form akin to winemaking. Selecting only the best peppers at peak ripeness, the cousins ferment them in barrels for several months. Once matured, these peppers are transformed by the chefs into fine purees, lightly sweetened and balanced with just enough vinegar to enhance flavor and ensure preservation. This meticulous process ensures that each sauce remains true to the fruit’s natural flavors, ideal for a variety of culinary applications.

Sustainable Pepper Sourcing Maison Martin’s commitment to sustainability is evident in their choice of ingredients. The peppers are sourced from local farmers practicing sustainable agriculture in the picturesque regions of France. These peppers are cultivated in open fields, harvested at full maturity, and are free from any chemical treatments, ensuring the highest quality and respect for both the environment and human health.

A Family Venture Rooted in Local Tradition Located in Viroflay, Yvelines, just 15 kilometers from the center of Paris, Maison Martin's family workshop is a hub of culinary innovation. Here, tradition and modern culinary techniques merge to create products that are not only sustainable but also embody the rich culinary heritage of France.

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