Louis Tellier - Gobel

Their roots


This story starts two years before the construction of the Eiffel Tower. Paris was becoming the centre for world creation. French gastronomy had exploded forth, and had excited the curiosity of gourmets and chefs from around the world.
Increasingly sophisticated desserts became the unmissable gourmet symbols of special occasions. A visionary entrepreneur, ETIENNE GOBEL, bet on the fact that the craze for patisserie was only just beginning, and he launched into making cake moulds from copper and tinplate. Success was immediate and international. Etienne Gobel soon found himself hemmed by his premises in Paris, so he set up his factory in Touraine, where it has been ever since and where tradition is maintained.


Sixty years later, France was in the throes of reconstruction. People found vegetables on their plates once again, especially the potato. Established as one of the pearls of French gastronomy in the nineteenth century, its return had been awaited by restaurateurs.
One of them asked a mechanic friend to design a device to make it easy to prepare purée. LOUIS TELLIER took up the challenge and invented the world’s first professional food mill – a kitchen revolution! An inventor of genius, the former seafarer and veteran of the First World War would multiply achievements in his factory in the suburbs of Paris; the factory remains at the cutting edge of innovation.
One year previously and in the same circumstances, the hand-powered steel vegetable cutter was invented in Thonon les Bains, on the banks of Lake Léman; the Bron mandoline was born, and would come into use in leading professional kitchens around the world. In over seven decades, the BRON-COUCKE factory would see the advent of several leading inventions – and the adventure goes on!


The three undisputed references in the field of high-end kitchen utensils combine their traditional know-how and their passion for innovation.

Now named Louis Tellier, the group continues the great history of French cuisine. In days gone by, LOUIS TELLIER utensils supported the work of Auguste Escoffier and of so many chefs around the world, and they have revolutionised the way in which dishes are prepared. Present in over ninety countries, they have always done so: the pleasure of hand-made food.

The Factory

Argenteuil manufacturing site

70 years of Productivity and Hygiene
The factory is constantly modernizing, its traditional tinning workshop was recentrly renovated; the workshop is used in particular to tin the cones of food mills. A Know-how passed on by former generation to younger generations. In that way, tinsmiths work in tandem to ensure the processing of new ones.

After a successful run and by a development strategy in France and abroad to promote French know-how relating to culinary preparation, Tellier has merged with two companies that share the same values of high-quality traditional know-how.

In 2013, that strategy included the acquisition of GOBEL, then BRON-COUCKE in 2017 , to which it now provides its guarantee.

Joué-lès-Tours manufacturing site

130 years of Tradition & Longevity
In 2014, GOBEL was awarded the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant (EPV – Living Heritage Company) label. That label is a State mark of recognition set up to distinguish French businesses with artisanal and industrial know-how of excellence.

Nowadays, Gobel patisserie moulds are still manufactured at Jouéles- Tours, and, as a member of Tours Val de Loire Gastronomie, the company wishes to promote its territory and French way of life.

The industrial park which includes 30 presses (hydraulic, mechanical, and pneumatic), has been enhanced with a fully automated digitally controlled punching machine and a traceability machine.

ORCIER manufacturing site

Innovation and Conviviality for over 70 years
The factory is specialised since origins of time in cutting vegetables in all its forms, and master the most modern techniques, especially for making blades. Each utensil manufactured is rigorously checked and permanent tests are carried out to always guarantee the best quality.

The machine park, currently composed of ten swan-neck mechanical presses, will add up a CNC 85T folding machine and a robotic cell for sharpening crinkle-cut blades. Products manufactured at the Orcier site are now distributed under the Louis Tellier brand.


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