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Louis Tellier: Crafting Culinary Excellence Since 1887


A Rich History of Innovation

Founded amidst the culinary renaissance of Paris just before the construction of the iconic Eiffel Tower, Louis Tellier has been synonymous with the evolution of French gastronomy. The journey began with Etienne Gobel in 1887, who pioneered the crafting of cake molds made from copper and tinplate. Recognizing the burgeoning demand for patisserie, Gobel's products gained immediate success, prompting a move to a more spacious factory in Touraine, where the tradition of excellence continues to this day.

Revolutionary Kitchen Tools

The post-war era of 1947 saw France in a phase of culinary reconstruction, with vegetables, especially potatoes, becoming central to French cuisine. Responding to the needs of restaurateurs, Louis Tellier invented the world's first professional food mill, revolutionizing kitchen prep work. This innovation was paralleled by the creation of the hand-powered steel vegetable cutter in Thonon les Bains, marking the birth of the Bron mandoline, which would go on to be a staple in professional kitchens worldwide.

Today's Louis Tellier

Now operating under the consolidated name of Louis Tellier, the company continues to champion the heritage of French culinary artistry. The brand is a fixture in professional kitchens globally, having supported famed chefs like Auguste Escoffier. Louis Tellier’s commitment to handcrafted quality remains unchanged, with a presence in over ninety countries.

Manufacturing Excellence

Louis Tellier’s dedication to maintaining and advancing traditional craftsmanship is evident in their three primary manufacturing sites:

  1. Argenteuil Manufacturing Site: Known for its 70-year legacy of productivity and hygiene, this site has recently upgraded its traditional tinning workshop, crucial for the food mills' manufacturing.

  2. Joué-lès-Tours Manufacturing Site: Home to the 130-year-old tradition of Gobel patisserie molds, this facility is proud to carry the Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant label, signifying its commitment to French artisanal and industrial excellence.

  3. Orcier Manufacturing Site: Specialized in vegetable cutting tools, this site combines traditional craftsmanship with modern techniques, particularly in blade manufacturing, ensuring top-tier quality in culinary tools.

Continuing the Legacy

By merging with companies like Gobel and Bron-Coucke, Louis Tellier not only preserves but also enriches its heritage, promoting French culinary tradition and innovation. Each site plays a pivotal role in upholding the brand’s promise of quality and excellence, ensuring that Louis Tellier products remain at the forefront of culinary innovation and traditional craftsmanship.

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