Objet de Curiosité

Exploring the Vision of Objet de Curiosité with Founder Pierre-Emmanuel Grange-Jaricot

Pierre-Emmanuel Grange-Jaricot, inspired from a young age by a rich tapestry of interests in nature, antiques, and decor, founded Objet de Curiosité. This venture was a natural evolution, blending his environmental curiosity with a deep-rooted passion for design, influenced significantly by his partner Lilau, an accomplished decorator. Together, they have built a brand that merges historical artifacts with natural marvels, turning each into a narrative-rich piece.

The Creative Pulse of Objet de Curiosité

Objet de Curiosité is distinguished by its unique blend of historical depth and natural beauty. Each creation must resonate emotionally with Pierre-Emmanuel and Lilau, ensuring it aligns with their vision of blending nature with history. This approach results in pieces that tell stories, bridging the past with the present through elegant and thoughtful design.

The Quintessentially French Influence

Their extensive travels only deepen their appreciation for their French heritage, which profoundly influences their work. This connection infuses their creations with an intimate French touch, enhancing their appeal both at home and globally.

Curating Unique Pieces Worldwide

Pierre-Emmanuel personally oversees the sourcing of unique natural elements from around the globe, fostering relationships with a network of like-minded collectors. This hands-on approach ensures that each item not only adds aesthetic value but also enriches the brand's storytelling.

Adapting to Global Tastes and Trends

The brand stays relevant by adapting to changing lifestyles and drawing inspiration from global cultures. This sensitivity to global dynamics allows them to design products that strike a chord with contemporary sensibilities while retaining a timeless charm.

Guaranteeing Uniqueness

Each piece at Objet de Curiosité is genuinely unique, curated with respect for its history and authenticity. This commitment to individuality ensures that every item tells its own story, making it more than just a decorative piece.

Engaging a Global Audience

Objet de Curiosité captivates its audience by offering pieces that are not just decorative but are windows to different cultures and epochs. This emotional engagement is a key reason for its global customer base.

Expanding Horizons

With eyes set on further global expansion, especially in Asia and the United States, Objet de Curiosité is continuously refining its offerings to cater to the distinct tastes of these diverse markets.

The Role of Lilau Grange-Jaricot

Lilau plays a crucial role in setting the visual and artistic direction of Objet de Curiosité. Her diverse sources of inspiration, coupled with a keen trend awareness, ensure that each collection is both innovative and resonant with current and future trends.

Finding Objet de Curiosité

Their unique pieces are accessible globally, available online, through social media, and at select trade shows, making them accessible to a wide audience looking for pieces with depth and character.


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