Noire Méduse

Noire Méduse is a small independent publishing house that emerged in 2011. In our workshop/showroom located at the very beginning of the slopes of the Croix-Rousse in Lyon, we publish artists' books as well as works related to tattooing. In love with paper, we also realize Art prints in limited series.

The artists with whom we collaborate are for many from the tattoo world, but not only: 


The work of Alexis Segarra says the opposite. Light is the absolute quest of this artist, the one we see and the one he wants to reveal to us. And the latter emerges in the silence of the dark. It tells itself in the sidereal space freed from the tiny film of the surface by scratching it with the tip of his vaccinostyle pen. It is no longer a question of drawing: it is the work of a sculptor. Sculptor of light, sculptor of the invisible, witness of this eternity which inhabits things, passer of this cosmic music which palpitates in the dark unknown of the spared surface.

The subject is disconcerting: bouquet, dried flower, insect, bird... the artist's studio is full of them. A cabinet of curiosities, strangely populated with silent things, as if asleep, just glimpsed in the half-light, caressed by the light of architect's lamps. Everything vibrates however, feathers, hairs, elytra, leaves, petals... animated by an astonishing graphic syncretism in perpetual evolution. 


As an experienced collector and lover of beautiful things, Topsiturby tries, as usual, to grasp the mechanics. He then operates a work of deconstruction where ruler and compass are busy to restore the purity. A rigorous graphic charter, will make order the points, arrange the dashes, and harmonize the curves.

Topsiturby's themes have long flirted with the content of its shelves. Today, robots have given way to daydreams, city-worlds and other surrealist chimeras with as much poetry as ever.

Topsiturby lives in Lyon and tattoos at Baraka Tattoo, Place du Lieutenant Morel.

Enjoy !


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