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Noire Méduse Editions: Illuminating Art and Tattoo Culture

Introduction to Noire Méduse Founded in 2011, Noire Méduse Editions is a boutique independent publishing house nestled at the foot of the Croix-Rousse slopes in Lyon. Specializing in the confluence of artistic expression and tattoo culture, we produce limited edition art prints and artist books. Our passion for the tactile experience of paper drives our dedication to presenting high-quality, collectible pieces.

Artistic Collaborations We collaborate extensively with artists deeply rooted in the tattoo industry and beyond, highlighting their unique perspectives through our publications. Among our featured artists, Alexis Segarra and Topsiturby stand out for their distinctive artistic narratives:

  • Alexis Segarra: Known for his profound exploration of light, Alexis treats his artworks not just as drawings but as sculptural forms that carve out light and shadow from the darkness. His works, resembling a curator's cabinet of curiosities, pulse with life under his meticulous etchings.

  • Topsiturby: A collector and appreciator of the meticulous, Topsiturby's work deconstructs and reconstructs forms through a precise graphic discipline, creating harmonious, surreal worlds that reflect a poetic imagination. Based in Lyon, he is also a prominent tattoo artist at Baraka Tattoo.

Our Commitment At Noire Méduse, we are committed to showcasing the depth and diversity of artistic talent. Our showroom doubles as a workshop where we invite art lovers to experience our collections firsthand, promoting a direct engagement with the art and artists we support.

Invitation We invite you to visit our workshop/showroom in Lyon to explore our unique editions and art prints that celebrate both the timeless art of tattooing and the broader spectrum of visual arts.


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