Maison Pechavy

Barbecue Fire Starters Set


Take advantage of the long summer evenings to light the flames of your barbecues. Maison Pechavy presents a new product, the BARBECUE SET, which includes 40 natural firelighters and a box of 40 long matches. Everything you need to become a real barbecue pro!

Natural fire starter

The Maison Pechavy fire starter, made of wood wool from sustainably managed and FSC certified forests, is ecological. It is impregnated with pure odorless wax, which allows you to enjoy a perfect and eco-responsible cooking. These natural fiber balls leave no taste, no chemical smoke, and no toxic residue on your food. The burning time of a fire starter is 8 to 10 minutes, 1 to 2 sticks are enough!

Long matches

Maison Pechavy's long matches are unique, they allow you to light your barbecue fire safely and without risk of burns. These long matches are made from natural poplar and are not treated in order to respect the grills and the atmosphere of your barbecue parties.

Natural and ecological firelighters:
- Made in France
- FSC certified wood wool

Long matches:
- Length : 19,5cm / 7.75in.
- Designed in France and made in Europe

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