Les Choses Simples

Mini Guest Soap


For this very gentle handmade soap made in Provence, we have chosen Olive Oil and Coconut Oil, for their exceptional emollient and skin care properties. Olive oil has always been known to beautify the skin. Coconut oil is pleasantly foaming, which makes the soap very pleasant to use.

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Argan and Honey - To further enrich this soap, we have added to the formula Argan Oil, an exceptionally nourishing and beautifying vegetable oil for the skin and it is delicately scented with honey and orange blossom.

Goat's Milk To further enrich this soap, we have added Goat's Milk to the formula, recognized for centuries as an ally of beautiful skin, thanks to its high content of amino acids, vitamin A, retinol, fatty acids and co-enzyme Q10 . Queen of Egypt Cleopatra and Empress Sissi used goat's milk in their beauty routine. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, it is often used to remedy skin problems.

Made WITHOUT Palm Oil
Perfume with ingredients of natural origin
Mineral dyes
Handmade in Provence, France.

25 grams

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