Atelier Saint Lazare

Atelier Saint Lazare: A Fusion of Creativity, Architecture, and Branding

A Rich Tapestry of Art and Design

Atelier Saint Lazare, originally known as be-poles, is more than just a design studio; it's a melting pot of architecture, publishing, and branding fused by the shared passions and diverse backgrounds of its founders. Established on the foundational principles of art, friendship, and family, the studio has evolved through transformative relationships and projects that blend cultural richness with aesthetic innovation.

Pivotal Collaborations and Creative Evolution

The studio's journey has been marked by significant collaborations that have shaped its path. A notable partnership was with Pierre Bergé, which spanned ten years and included projects for Yves Saint Laurent, the Pierre Bergé & Associés auction house, and more. This relationship exemplified trust and creative synergy, propelling Atelier Saint Lazare into new realms of cultural project management.

Architectural Integration and Retail Mastery

The expansion into architecture was a natural progression for the studio, starting with the design of Pierre Bergé’s auction house. This project marked the beginning of a seamless integration of branding and architectural design. Another landmark project was the creation of MERCI, a retail space that transformed Parisian retail culture under the mentorship of Marie-France Cohen. This venture was not just about selling products but creating an experience enriched with fine details and sophisticated design.

Global Reach and Innovative Projects

The decision to open a studio in New York City introduced Atelier Saint Lazare to the American market, leading to their involvement in the creative direction of the NoMad Hotel. This project expanded from branding to curating art for the hotel's spaces, blending visual narratives with the architectural elegance designed by Jacques Garcia. The studio’s impact continued to grow through collaborations with notable figures in the hospitality industry, such as Daniel Humm and Will Guidara of Eleven Madison Park.

Cultivating Unique Hotel Experiences

Atelier Saint Lazare has also been instrumental in creating distinctive hotel experiences in collaboration with designers like Festen and Perseus for Le Pigalle and Les Roches Rouges. Each project is a testament to the studio's ability to enhance architectural narratives through meticulous accessory selection and branding.

Product Development and Cultural Contributions

Beyond architectural and branding projects, Atelier Saint Lazare has a keen interest in product development, creating items that resonate with their brand ethos. The studio's iconic kraft paper bag and the esteemed Portraits de Villes book collection are examples of products that not only represent the studio's creative philosophy but also enrich the cultural landscape.

A New Chapter as Saint-Lazare

With the transition to Saint-Lazare, the studio embraces a new identity that captures its expanded creative capabilities and expert craftsmanship. Now located in the vibrant 9th arrondissement of Paris, Atelier Saint Lazare is poised to continue its tradition of innovation and excellence in design, all while nurturing a community of talented individuals who contribute to a dynamic creative ecosystem.

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