Chaise Nicolle


Paul Henry NICOLLE filed a patent in 1933 for “metal furniture”. The innovation lay in the chair leg: its stiffness was obtained thanks to “modern” stamping methods.
During the 50’s, these comfortable and hard-wearing seats would invade French workshops and factories. Their “whale tail” backrest would make them famous!
Now manufactured in Paris from the original moulds, NICOLLE® chairs retain the genuine features of industrial furniture: they are robust, functional and ergonomic.
Their contour, highlighted by 176 colors, can be a perfect match for minimalist interiors, as well as contemporary or classical ones.


NICOLLE® stools and chairs are entirely made of metal parts welded together.

Braces are riveted to the legs and the seat is tack-welded to the legs.
The traditional spot-welding technique used is one of NICOLLE® seats’ distinguishing features.
The backrest is bolted under the seat thanks to 2 wing screws, and easily dismantled.

The back rest of the chairs in a "whale tail" shape, true signature of the Nicolle® chair, maintains the hollow of the back and ensures, by its flexibility, a surprising comfort.

From Nicolle marketing booklet
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