Dodo Toucan

The Know-how: a traditional craftsmanship

All Their ceramics are handmade in their Parisian workshop. Behind the canopy of the shop, you can catch sight of Sara and Héloïse actively creating all kind of vases, animals and other magical creatures. In the little room in the back, the ceramic kiln gently purrs, at a temperature close to 1000 degrees Celsius. 


To begin with, the pieces are shaped individually. The clay is molded, starting to slowly create the shapes of animals and other lucky charms. They are smoothened and then have to dry for up to 10 days. 

the color

This is when color comes into action.

The pieces are painted with our engobes: a special mix of dry clay and pigments. It looks like the clay is drinking all the colors, as they fade.

The pieces are then placed in the kiln to be cooked a first time, at more than 1000 degrees Celsius. When they are out of the kiln, the colors are shining and the clay, once grey, is now white.

The enamel

The ceramics are dipped into transparent enamel, before cooking for a second time. Again at 1000 degrees, the enamel is glazing and gives the glossy aspect of the pieces, finishing the process and giving the pieces their bright and vivid colors.

Team Dodo Toucan

The meeting spot between design and handcraft. We imagine, create and offer decorative objects in ceramic. 

All their creations are entirely handmade in their workshop-boutique in Paris, in the 19th arrondissement between the Buttes Chaumont park and the Canal Saint-Martin.

Founded in 2015 by Sara Théron, Dodo Toucan’s world is just like its name : soft and colorful. Full of life and poetry, it has been expanding since its creation and is now hosting wild animals, lucky charms and many magical creatures. The creations are all unique pieces or made in very limited series, representing tigres, wolves, birds, bears, nature’s spirits and mini lucky charms, creating this unique and modern world. 

The soft and round shapes of this gentle and colorful zoo are an invitation to dream and make your everyday life a little bit more poetic.

Dodo Toucan is modelling the clay in a free, playful and creative way. Present in every piece, nature is one of the main sources of inspiration, in which Sara finds the patterns and emotions to create the happy, refreshing and delicate world of Dodo Toucan. The work of the colors, the bright yet soft chromatic ranges, are all resemblances of a story book. 


On the opposite end unlike mass production and consumption, each and every one of our pieces are created, made and painted by hand in our parisian workshop. All our creations are therefor unique and, in their own way, “perfectly imperfect”.

In an artificial world where handcrafted goods slowly disappear, we chose craft, which highlights the gesture and hand work of the maker. The knowledge, the possibilities and the imperfections of each of our pieces are the perfect characteristics of our creations’ authenticity.

Just like the canopy that separates the shop from the work space, they chose to make their fabrication processes as transparent as possible. their only secret ingredients are creativity, attention to details and patience. :)


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