Dodo Toucan

Dodo Toucan: Crafting Dreams in Parisian Clay

Artisan Ceramics Crafted with Passion

Located in the heart of Paris, Dodo Toucan is an artisan studio where creativity and traditional craftsmanship breathe life into ceramic. Founded by Sara Théron in 2015, the workshop specializes in handcrafting whimsical ceramics that range from enchanting animals to magical creatures, each piece infused with a unique charm and personality.

From Clay to Color: The Artistic Process

Every Dodo Toucan creation begins with a lump of clay, meticulously molded into delightful shapes in their Parisian workshop. The clay sculptures undergo a drying process that can take up to ten days before they are ready for coloring. The studio uses special engobes—a blend of dry clay and pigments—which the ceramics absorb, transforming them from dull to vibrant as they undergo two rounds of kiln firing at temperatures exceeding 1000 degrees Celsius. This process not only solidifies the shapes but also brings out the lush, vivid colors that Dodo Toucan is known for.

A Team Dedicated to Beauty and Craftsmanship

Behind the scenes, Sara and her colleague Héloïse pour their hearts into every piece, ensuring that each creation reflects the studio’s commitment to quality and aesthetic elegance. The final touch is the application of a transparent enamel, which adds a glossy finish that enhances the depth and richness of the colors.

A Commitment to Sustainable Artistry

Dodo Toucan stands against the tide of mass production by embracing techniques that emphasize handcrafting. Each piece from their collection is unique, celebrating the imperfections that come with human touch. Their approach is not just about creating art but also about nurturing the environment that inspires it, maintaining a transparent process that showcases their dedication to craft and creativity.


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