Bleu de Chauffe

The project

Bleu de Chauffe is a responsible leather goods company with a political conscience. Since they came into being in 2009, they have been campaigning for fair, considered manufacturing that respects people and the environment. Because we cannot keep endlessly producing in a world with finite ressources. because it should be possible for work and well being to go hand in hand. Because we want to leave this planet in better shape for the future generations. Discover the 7 founding principles of their commitment to #anewfashionofproduction.

Together we will make these commitments a reality and ensure that they become tomorrow's standards practice.

#1-The Made In France

Every snip, design ans stitch is made at their workshop in St-George-de-Luzençon. An open and pleasant space, designed in harmony with nature to serve french craftmanship.

Ever since its creation  10 years ago Bleu de chauffe has been commited to 100% french manufacturing. the goal: to limit their impact on the environment and to preserve this unique and irreplaceable savoir-faire.

Aveyron, a region with wild landscapes and remarkable biodiversity, a place whose inhabitants are committed and politically active, is the place Bleu de Chauffe decided to make its home over 10 years ago.

Nestled at the feet of the imposing Millau viaduct, the Bleu de Chauffe workshop was designed, built, and equipped with the well-being of our artisan leathersmiths and respect for the environment in mind: an archi-tectural style that is in harmony with its surroundings, sustainable mate- rials, natural light...

twenty artisans from all over France work in the Bleu de Chauffe workshop that covers 1,000m2.

#2-The artisanship

Every item from Bleu de Chauffe is unique and tells the story of the artisan it was made by.

They take care to encourage a more human rate of production, with no pressure to keep the pace and no emphasis on productivity. Artisanship is one of Bleu de Chauffe’s founding principles. They work with the best artisans and they take great care to ensure their well-being.

At Bleu de Chauffe, there are no production lines. They train every artisan to ensure that they master every step required to make a bag from a to z, an approach that values individuals’ work and goes against a system of production that exploits workers and artisans.

Out of respect for the quality of their work, they ensure that all of their artisan leathersmith work in a caring environment.

The 35-hour week is spread over 4 days with Fridays off. Their employees are free to use the workshop for their personal projects. in 2019, they also created an open-access permaculture vegetable garden.

Every day, their artisans design and build the future of Bleu de Chauffe. They are the soul and patina of their bag. They are bleu de chauffe.

Thank to them ! Fabienne, Thierry, Virginie, Alexandre, Kelly, Myriam, Melissa, Héloise, Mélanie, Amance, Cathy, Anna, Lucy, Julien, Élisa, Morgane, Cherazed, Marie…

#3- Manufacturing in moderation 

At bleu de chauffe, They know they are not going to change the world of business but they use common sense, keeping their partners as close to home as possible.

Their mission is to design, create, and develop beautiful products while constantly trying to think of new ways to have a positive impact at every stage in production.

This approach requires time and creativity : they will never be drawn into a frenetic rate of production. This is precisely what they aim to prove with their products : that fair, sustainable, economically viable manufacturing is possible. They refresh their collections twice a year and work with a range of 150 designs with around 40 new designs each season.

The Bleu de Chauffe project takes shape every day at our workshop in Saint-Georges de-Luzençon. From concept to design, from cutting to assembly through to dispatch – they control their entire manufacturing process without resorting to subcontracting.

Using this local network, cutting out the middle man, means that not only can they sell their items at a fairer price, but also that they can tell you exactly where every component comes from. Controlling the manufacturing chain guarantees their independence and security, for a more conscientious and sustainable growth model.

#4- Savoir-faire with a bright future

The artisans at Bleu de Chauffe are purveyors of a cultural heritage passed down through history. The Bleu de Chauffe workshop: a place for preserving savoir-faire where every action is carefully considered and thought through. This original craftsmanship gives to their bags their unique character, and demonstrates the quality of french manufacturing. They are committed to preserving this heritage so that future generations can benefit from it one day.

At Bleu de Chauffe, artisanship is not an archaic notion, it is their day-to-day reality. Many of the techniques used to make their bags require the artisan to use their dexterity and intuition, and cannot be carried out by robots.

It is using machines from back in the day, the same machines our forebears used, that the artisans at Bleu de Chauffe demonstrate their skill every day. The skill of Bleu de Chauffe’s artisans was recognized in 2018 when the company was awarded the title “Entreprise de Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Company) in 2018. This certificate awarded by the State is designed to uphold the standard of the exceptional skills that are emblematic of French heritage.

Bleu de Chauffe organizes regular training programs in partnership with the organization Compagnons du Devoir, in order to pass on these remarkable artisanal techniques and keep them alive.

#5- Sustainable consumerism

A Bleu de Chauffe bag is made to be looked after, kept, and handed down from generation to generation.

Bleu de Chauffe : Where artisans who love their work and consumers who want to find meaning in the products they buy come together. They go against the grain of overconsumption our products are made to last.

At Bleu de Chauffe They take a fresh look at traditional work bags, using a sustainable manufacturing process. Their goal is simple : every bag should stay at its owner’s side for as long as possible.

Their teams create models with a timeless, clean, and practical style that can be worn with pride in 10, 20, even 30 years. The materials used for Bleu de Chauffe bags improve with time : the patina that develops over the years is where their real beauty shines through.

Bleu de Chauffe offers its customers a repair service, to restore their bag and give it a new lease of life – and even three or four !

#6- Environmentally friendly materials

At Bleu de Chauffe They take great care to use only the best materials, and are uncompromising when it comes to the environment and consumers’ health. Natural, better for the environment vegetable tannins and organic canvas reduce the risk of allergic reactions. 85% of the hides in the world are tanned using chromium salts or aluminum, but we have always chosen to use a natural, vegetable tanning process.

Vegetable tanning involves treating animal skins using natural tannins from organic materials such as sap, leaves, or bark. They use different plant species – oak, chestnut, mimosa, or acacia – depending on the desired color or feel.

Vegetable tanning produces a leather which is firmer, more hard-wearing and waterproof, as well as reducing the risk of allergic reactions. It also has a natural coloring which allows for richer, more nuanced shades. It ages well, becoming more beautiful over the years as it takes on a burnished patina.

Bleu de Chauffe uses only GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard) certified organic cotton canvas. This extremely strict standard ensures that all fibers come from farming operations that are 100% organic and natural. It prohibits the use of GMO, chemical fertilizers, and pesticides, favoring natural, plant-based solutions and crop rotation, as well as safe working conditions.

#7- Toward a zero ecological footprint

They are convinced that the way we consume has a direct impact on the environment and they promote “ecological sobriety”.

Buying a Bleu de Chauffe product means taking a step towards reducing your carbon footprint. carbone. They work with local people and everything we use can be traced back to source, limiting our impact on the environment as much as possible.

they set theirselves a daily challenge : to find materials as close as possible to their workshop, ideally less than 1,000km away. Bleu de Chauffe bags haven’t been around the world three times before arriving at your door !

Let’s take an example : the khaki stonewashed cabin bag. The cotton canvas is made by one of the oldest French manufacturers based in the Ile-de-France region. And the strap are made by one of their partners, a tannery in the Vosges region, while the cotton for the pocket comes from the north of France and the fastenings from a Parisian supplier.

At Bleu de Chauffe, Their partners share their values. For example, the tanneries they work with take great care with water treatment : once used, the water is decanted and treated again, to be released into the river as pure as it was when it came out. The majority of their products are delivered via Colissimo (La Poste), who are committed to zero-carbon and offset every parcel they send. Environmental concerns guide every one of theirr choices, right to the end of the value chain.

From Bleu de Chauffe.

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