Emile Vergeois

They provide a range of fruit juices and nectars made in France.

They choose fruits and vegetables based on three guidelines:


Even though citrus and tropical fruits come from the best foreign sources, regional French fruit is the priority for the rest of the line. We developed strong ties with local growers, with whom we’ve been working closely for over 20 years.

Sustainable agriculture

We’d rather use responsible methods than obtain high yields. When practiced conscientiously, sustainable agriculture is respectful of nature. The growers and us carefully see to that.

Terroir and variety

Each year, that faithful relationship allows us to select the finest fruit from terroirs that express all their unique characteristics. The growers know our expectations in terms of ripeness, colours and organoleptic qualities.


They are working with the traditional french production methods:


Seasonal harvests

As the months go by, the fruits are processed during the period of their natural ripeness at our production and bottling site in Tartaras.

Traditional equipment

In keeping with the small-scale, non-industrial tradition, we use a belt press to extract pure juices; pulpy fruits are centrifuged.

Cold pressing

Our fruits are cold-pressed and centrifuged. This is more expensive, more complex but results in much better quality.


We use pasteurisation to conserve our fresh fruit juices so you can enjoy the flexibility of a three-year best-by date.


Emile Vergeois is part of Atelier Patrick Font: a family history

Located in the countryside near Lyon, Patrick Font took over the farm of his parents in 1986 then transformed it into a workshop of handcrafted production of fruit juices and nectars since 1993.

By always emphasising local products and excellence, he managed to develop recipes that sublimate the qualities of thoroughly selected raw materials.

Since then, Romain and Marine, Patrick’ children, have brought every day their own contribution. As ambassador, Romain contributes to the development of the brand awareness and Marine ensures the proper functioning of all logistics.

Together, Father and Children contribute to create a fruit juices collection, rich in flavours and available in the most beautiful places in France or abroad…

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