Emile Vergeois

Emile Vergeois: Crafting Premium French Fruit Juices and Nectars

A Tradition of Excellence in Fruit Juicing

Emile Vergeois, under the umbrella of Atelier Patrick Font, has been a beacon of quality and tradition in the fruit juice industry since 1993. Situated in the lush countryside near Lyon, France, this family-operated workshop specializes in producing exquisite fruit juices and nectars that celebrate the richness of French terroir and the essence of artisanal craftsmanship.

Sourced with Care: The Heart of Our Juice

Provenance and sustainability are at the core of our operations. While we source citrus and tropical fruits from the best global producers, our focus remains steadfast on French regional fruits. For over two decades, we've nurtured close relationships with local growers who share our commitment to sustainable agriculture and exceptional quality.

Seasonal Harvests and Artisanal Methods

Our production process respects the natural ripeness of fruits, using traditional methods at our Tartaras facility. We employ a belt press for extraction and centrifuge pulpy fruits to preserve their natural flavors and nutrients. The cold pressing technique, though costly and complex, ensures our juices retain a superior taste and quality. To extend shelf life without compromising freshness, we utilize pasteurization, allowing our juices to maintain their vibrant flavors for up to three years.

A Family Legacy of Flavor

Founded by Patrick Font, who transformed his family's farm into a renowned juice production workshop, Emile Vergeois is now guided by his children, Romain and Marine. They continue to uphold the family's legacy of quality, each contributing to the brand's growth and operational excellence. Today, Emile Vergeois' juices are a staple in some of the most prestigious venues across France and beyond.


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