Fieldbar: Handcrafted Excellence in Outdoor Gear from Cape Town

Crafting Superior Outdoor Products with a Rich Heritage

Nestled in St Michaels Park, Observatory, Cape Town, Fieldbar is not just a manufacturer of outdoor products; it's a testament to superior craftsmanship and attention to detail. The factory's location plays a pivotal role in defining the brand, with Cape Town’s history as a vibrant trading post between East and West enriching its identity. This backdrop of historical ingenuity and skill is woven into every product.

Inspiration from African Safari Luxury

Fieldbar's roots are deeply embedded in the luxurious heritage of African safaris, known for their elegance and durability. This legacy is evident in their approach to outdoor products, which are not only functional but also embody sophistication and luxury, enhancing outdoor leisure and stylish adventures.

Sustainable Craftsmanship for Outdoor Enthusiasts

Fieldbar combines modern materials with age-old craftsmanship. Each piece is built with care and creativity, ensuring durability and ease of repair to support sustainable practices. This approach respects the traditional values of quality and longevity, making each item a responsible choice for eco-conscious consumers.

A Commitment to Community and Fairness

The core of Fieldbar's philosophy is a profound commitment to its people. The company upholds high ethical standards, promoting kindness, diversity, and fairness in the workplace. By providing fair wages, maintaining reasonable working hours, and fostering a collaborative atmosphere, Fieldbar not only enriches its products but also its community, embodying values that promote a balanced and fulfilling work environment.

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