Nach Bijoux

Nach Bijoux: A Unique Blend of French Elegance and Thai Craftsmanship

The Founders: Nadia and Nancy Koch

Nadia and Nancy Koch, the dynamic sister duo behind the celebrated French jewelry brand Nach Bijoux, blend their rich Thai heritage with French sophistication. Their shared passions for fashion, animal motifs, and high-quality porcelain have naturally led to the inception of Nach Bijoux in 2011.

The Essence of Nach Bijoux

Located in Toulouse, France, Nadia and Nancy grew up surrounded by the art of porcelain craftsmanship, a legacy passed down by their father with nearly four decades of experience. Their childhood years in Thailand instilled a deep appreciation for nature and wildlife, themes prominently featured across all Nach Bijoux collections.

Porcelain Jewelry: A Tradition Reimagined

At the heart of Nach Bijoux lies the delicate and noble material of porcelain. Each jewelry piece combines traditional craftsmanship with modern design, crafted and hand-painted in the family’s workshop in Thailand. The exquisite attention to detail ensures that each piece is not only unique but also comes with a signed certificate of authenticity, enhancing its collectible value.

Nancy Koch: The Artistic Visionary

Often celebrated as "The Artist," Nancy Koch has cultivated her passion for art and design from a young age. Her keen eye for emerging trends and her endless wellspring of creative ideas are evident in her innovative approach to jewelry and fashion design.

Nadia Koch: The Entrepreneurial Spirit

Nadia Koch, the driving force behind Nach Bijoux, embodies the spirit of an entrepreneur. Dedicated to transforming her sister's artistic visions into tangible creations, Nadia's fearless approach and innovative thinking have propelled Nach Bijoux to international acclaim.


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