"And then one day, I founded Thursday.

You should always listen to the little voice inside you that whispers, "Do what you love!" And in October 2017, that's what I did: I listened to my little voice and found my path; I founded Thursday. Thursday is a small business that creates unique fragrances inspired by the travel journals of my great-grandfather, Pandélis, in the early 20th century, during his journeys in the Mediterranean.

My name is Pierre, I was born in Marseille, and I'm a Taurus. I worked for 25 years in newspapers and magazines, where I wrote a lot, and then it was time for a change. Today, I participate in professional trade shows to meet you, explain our ancestral manufacturing methods, and share our emotions. My greatest joy? Finding these beautiful products in stores all over France and reading your enthusiastic messages... Pure happiness!

And why Thursday? As many of you ask me, "Why Thursday?" I'll tell you that I was born on a Thursday, got married on a Thursday, Thursdays are cool because you can go out in the evening, and it's okay if you're exhausted on Friday. Welcome to the world of Thursday!"

Pierre Psaltis, founder.
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