"Jeudi" (Thursday in French): Fragrances Born from Mediterranean Journeys

Introducing Pierre Psaltis and the Inspiration Behind Thursday

Pierre Psaltis, a native of Marseille and seasoned journalist, turned his lifelong passion for storytelling into a fragrant narrative when he founded Thursday in October 2017. Inspired by the travel journals of his great-grandfather, Pandélis, who traversed the Mediterranean in the early 20th century, Thursday is more than just a brand—it's a journey through scents.

A Voyage in Aroma

Thursday stands out as a small business dedicated to crafting unique fragrances that capture the essence of Mediterranean adventures. These scents are designed to evoke the vivid experiences and memories of Pandélis' extensive travels, bringing historical wanderlust into the modern day.

Craftsmanship and Connection

Transitioning from a 25-year career in journalism, Pierre now dedicates his time to participating in professional trade shows across France. Here, he shares the traditional methods behind the creation of Thursday’s candles and engages with enthusiasts who cherish the brand's unique offerings. Pierre’s greatest joy comes from seeing his products in stores nationwide and receiving heartfelt messages from satisfied customers, a testament to the joy that Thursday brings.

The Significance of ‘Thursday’

Many curious minds have asked Pierre why he named his business "Thursday." His response is deeply personal: Pierre was born on a Thursday, married on a Thursday, and appreciates that Thursdays allow for evening outings without the worry of a busy workday following. Thus, the name Thursday reflects both personal milestones and the spirit of leisure and celebration that his products aim to embody.

Explore the World of Thursday

Welcome to Thursday, where every scent tells a story and every candle lights up a piece of history. Pierre Psaltis invites you to immerse yourself in the aromatic tales of the Mediterranean, brought to life through expertly crafted scented candles.

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