Le Monde Sauvage

Le Monde Sauvage

Giving meaning to the decor: since 1970, Le Monde Sauvage has been tracing its path to imagine a different proposal with an identifiable style, without borders, which keeps the trace of the human hand and is not afraid of imperfection.

Travel is at the heart of the brand's DNA. The shock of meeting another person, the discovery of a material or the use of a color are all experiences that open up the field of possibilities and nourish creativity.

In the sometimes rigid and codified world of decoration, the brand has maintained its uniqueness for 50 years while proposing atmospheres that everyone can make their own.

To divert, to surprise, to free oneself from the codes: decoration is lived as the expression of each one and the interior as the extension of oneself. It's all about finding the right combination, the one that is personal to us and that resembles us.

It is in this same spirit that our boutiques are conceived: places of exchange where you can take the time to think about your interior in its entirety and make your own mark through your desires and emotions.


Béatrice Laval

I believe in the uniqueness of each person. We all deserve an interior that looks and feels like us. More than a social envelope, the house is a projection of oneself, a space that reflects one's emotions and aspirations down to the smallest detail. Each place has its own answers and I think of interior design as a film set designer thinks of his set according to the character: a beautiful interior resembles the person who lives there.

In decoration as in life, empowerment is the key: it is up to us to strengthen our capacity to act in order to overcome the barriers that we may encounter, or that we may put up ourselves. It is essential to know how to trust oneself in order to reinvent and emancipate oneself. It is a permanent work in progress. There is always a part of risk and this is probably what I am looking for in the end: to leave my comfort zone to constantly question myself, to open new paths, in a word to feed my creativity. To be an actor in your own life and not just a spectator, that is my philosophy!

"Looking at things from a different angle challenges my creativity."

My intention? To advocate the anti-smooth. I think of everyday objects to accompany you for a long time in a protective and comfortable space; for me, the challenge is to create objects that are both functional and aesthetic, to which one becomes attached, and to inject a little extra soul into them.

Le Monde Sauvage is a story of transmission that began for me as a child during my first trips to Asia. Le Monde Sauvage - or the extension of my own story.

Core Values


This is the red thread of the Monde Sauvage story. Step by step, through travels, encounters, techniques and know-how, the brand weaves solid relationships with its partners chosen for their human values and their shared vision of the future. Beautiful stories that, for some, have lasted for more than 30 years.


Avoiding standardization and overproduction. Faced with the omnipresence of the mass market, the brand has chosen independence to preserve its integrity. It pursues its non-manufactured history and defends a certain freedom of tone. And it keeps a human-sized team where everyone is involved in the company's project and does what they do best.


This is the engine of creativity. Experimenting, cultivating curiosity, being surprised by the meticulous work of a craftsman, creation is a sensitive process. Permanent fusion between emotion, the world around us and its multiple inspirations, it allows to give birth to the object which, in a mirror effect, will speak to the sensitivity of the one who will choose it.


Follow your intuition, let yourself be guided by your instinct, experiment with your desire. To manifest one's singularity is not a posture, it is a requirement in order not to lose one's identity. Inspiration is everywhere for the curious mind that knows how to keep an eye open. Moving away from "trends" allows you to give shape and life to your creative intuitions, to take risks and never give in to the easy way out. Daring to put oneself in danger is a necessity.


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