Le Monde Sauvage

Le Monde Sauvage: Pioneering Unique and Emotional Home Decor

Defining Unique Home Decor Through Artistic Freedom

Since its inception in 1970, Le Monde Sauvage has carved a distinct niche in home decor, emphasizing a style that embraces imperfections and celebrates human craftsmanship. With a philosophy rooted in the personal expression of interior design, Le Monde Sauvage offers decor that is not just seen but felt, reflecting the personal journey and unique identity of its owner.

Embracing the Art of Travel and Creativity

Travel and human encounters fuel the creative fires of Le Monde Sauvage, bringing unexpected materials, colors, and inspirations into the fold. This approach has kept the brand vibrant and distinctive for over fifty years, allowing it to offer adaptable atmospheres that resonate on a personal level with each individual.

Béatrice Laval: A Visionary in Decorative Empowerment

Béatrice Laval, the visionary behind Le Monde Sauvage, advocates for interiors that mirror personal life and aspirations. She views decoration as a dynamic and ongoing project—an empowering platform where risk and personal growth foster profound creativity.

Core Values: Authenticity, Fidelity, Sensitivity, and Audacity

Le Monde Sauvage is driven by core values that shape its operations and creations:

  • Fidelity: Building lasting relationships with partners who share a vision of sustainable future.
  • Authenticity: Standing against overproduction and mass market trends to maintain integrity and independence.
  • Sensitivity: Harnessing creativity from a deep connection with the world and its crafts.
  • Audacity: Encouraging risk-taking and divergence from the norm to preserve and express uniqueness.


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