Les Terres Blanches

Les Terres Blanches: Elevating Gastronomy with Artisanal Salt

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Les Terres Blanches: A Culinary Journey with Artisanal Salt

Founded in 2018 by Sonia Fanger, Les Terres Blanches is a testament to the art of salt-making. Inspired by the salt flats in the Atlas Mountains during a trip to Morocco, Sonia was moved by a salt worker's passion for hand-harvested fleur de sel. This encounter sparked her idea to blend her love for gastronomy and design, curating a selection of the world’s finest salts presented in stylish, modern packaging.

Artisanal Salt Crafting

Les Terres Blanches stands out for its commitment to artisanal processes. Each salt, from the French fleur de sel to exotic varieties, is chosen for its unique qualities and harvested using traditional methods that respect and preserve the natural flavor.

Design Meets Tradition

Influenced by her design background and the Majorelle Garden in Marrakech, Sonia designed the brand’s signature ceramic pots, crafted in Portugal, known globally for its premium ceramics. These pots are intended not just to store salt but to evoke a sense of tactile and visual pleasure, enhancing the overall culinary experience.

Global Flavors, Artisanal Techniques

Following the success of their flagship Marrakech fleur de sel, Les Terres Blanches plans to expand their "World range" in 2020, introducing artisanal salts from across the globe that are still largely undiscovered.

Quality Charter and Craftsmanship

Devotion to quality is central to Les Terres Blanches. Sonia spent two years sourcing the finest salts, collaborating with salt workers who share a profound respect for nature and traditional harvesting techniques. These artisans use a flowering hose for collection and allow the salt to dry naturally under the sun, ensuring a product that is both pure and sustainable.

Unique Characteristics of Fleur de Sel

Fleur de sel, known for its delicate crystalline structure and higher mineral content, offers a softer texture and a flavor-enhancing quality that distinguishes it from regular table salt. Les Terres Blanches’ salts are celebrated for their minimal processing and additive-free purity.


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