Les Bougies de Frédérique

Les Bougies de Frédérique: Artisanal Candles Lighting Up the Darkness

Inspired by Swedish Tradition

During a visit to the enchanting Christmas markets in Sweden, Frédérique was captivated by "ljus"—the handmade Swedish candles renowned for their embodiment of light triumphing over darkness. This experience, shared with her close friend Maria, sparked a deep appreciation for their simple yet profound beauty.

Mastering the Craft in Dalécarlie

Determined to bring this artistry to her own creations, Frédérique sought out the expertise of a Master Craftsman in Dalécarlie. There, she learned the traditional technique of hand-dipping candles after shaping the wicks, a skill she has since refined and adapted to her style, practicing it daily in her workshop in France.

Les Bougies de Frédérique: A Celebration of Light and Warmth

Each candle from Les Bougies de Frédérique is meticulously made by hand through successive dipping, without the use of molds. This process ensures that every candle is not only a source of light but also a unique piece of decor, crafted to enhance the ambiance of any setting and warm the hearts of those gathered around it.


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