When it all started

The NAHUA brand could have never existed, but it is the reality!
It was a series of encounters and the beginning of an enduring friendship with an Indian family workshop that was about to disappear that made us what we are today.

After a call, we discovered that a family embroidery workshop in India was about to close. The reason was the tragic death of the father and mentor. With this, dozens of extraordinary craftsmen would be left without work, a family bankrupt and an art form not far from being forgotten.

We decided to go there and learn to work together.

After weeks of experimenting, the brilliant idea of using this ancestral embroidery technique to create ethnic and bohemian jewellery instead of embroidering clothes was born.
The first NAHUA bracelet was born.
Maheswari will be its name!

An ocean of people, a great success and many orders allowed us to launch the very first production (that’s thanks to you)

6 years later, we have 28 themes created, 24 shows to our credit and more than 400 resellers all over the world.

We have a mission…

We believe in a fairer world in which everyone’s work is paid its fair value.

But unfortunately this is not yet the case everywhere in the fashion world. The proof is behind the scenes of this big industry that keeps on producing as fast as possible in astronomical quantities while limiting expenses.
In the end, those who suffer are the little hands at the end of the chain.
In India, as in other countries where your clothes, accessories and jewellery are made, all too often these hands are those of children, forced to work.

…We refuse to conform to these archaic methods…

We respect the know-how of our craftsmen and we make it known.
This is why regular controls allow us to affirm that no child is working in our workshop, that fundamental human rights are respected and that the embroiderers (called “Karigars”) working for NAHUA are correctly paid.

We believe in a more responsible world and we work every day in this direction.

…So that the transmission continues.

Created from a unique vertical embroidery technique, each of our jewels is a fragment of an ancestral know-how dating from the first maharajas.
In order to keep it alive, we work with these exceptional craftsmen on this technique, which was originally used to create ceremonial clothing and Indian army uniforms. In this way, history is perpetuated and many Indian families continue to live from their art.

The creative process

Each season, two themes are created.
The creation stage is therefore essential, as it carries on its shoulders the destiny of the brand and consequently that of our craftsmen.
A failed collection is unthinkable for both sides of this beautiful adventure and to do so, we concentrate and inspire ourselves for several weeks before even putting pen to paper.

The production process

After receiving the model of the given piece of jewellery, our family workshop in India does everything possible to make the first copy as accurately as possible.
The technical data sheet is transferred via a complex process to the long looms that can measure several metres.

It is thanks to this ancestral technique passed down from generation to generation that NAHUA costume jewellery finally comes to life. We are proud to be able to pay tribute to this embroidery, so meticulous and elegant.

Now we will write the next part of the story thanks to you.


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