Nahua: Reviving Craftsmanship with Ethical Jewelry Design

The Founding of Nahua

Nahua's story is one of serendipity and commitment, born from the chance discovery of a family-run embroidery workshop in India on the brink of closure due to the tragic loss of its patriarch. This event set the stage for what Nahua would become—a brand dedicated to preserving an ancient art form and providing sustainable employment to its artisans.

A New Direction in Jewelry

After learning about the workshop's imminent shutdown, the founders of Nahua traveled to India, intent on saving both the craft and the livelihoods of the artisans. Through collaboration and innovation, they transformed traditional embroidery techniques into a distinctive line of ethnic and bohemian jewelry, beginning with the creation of their first bracelet, named Maheswari.

Expansion and Ethical Commitment

Six years later, Nahua boasts 28 unique jewelry themes, participation in 24 shows, and a network of over 400 resellers worldwide. The success of Nahua is not just measured in sales but also in its commitment to fair labor practices. Nahua stands firmly against the exploitation prevalent in the fashion industry, particularly child labor, ensuring that their artisans are fairly compensated and work under humane conditions.

Preserving Ancestral Techniques

Each piece of Nahua jewelry is a testament to the skilled "Karigars" who use vertical embroidery techniques that date back to the era of the first Maharajas. Originally used for ceremonial clothing and military uniforms, this technique now breathes life into Nahua's collections, ensuring the survival of this exquisite craft and supporting the artisans’ families.

Creative and Production Processes

Every season, Nahua introduces two new themes, with each collection carrying the weight of the brand and its artisans' futures. The design process is intensive and crucial, requiring weeks of inspiration and planning before production begins. In the family workshop in India, every design is meticulously translated onto long looms, ensuring the highest fidelity to the original concept.

Looking to the Future

As Nahua continues to write its story, it remains dedicated to ethical practices and the celebration of craftsmanship. With each piece of jewelry, Nahua not only offers a product but an ongoing commitment to responsible fashion and cultural preservation.


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