Macon & Lesquoy

Macon & Lesquoy: A Tapestry of Art and Exploration

Embroidering a World of Elegance and Whimsy Founded in 2009 by Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy, Macon & Lesquoy is a bastion of embroidered treasures, crafted with an eye for elegance and a penchant for detail. The French brand has flourished under their guidance, with collections that draw vibrant hues and inspiration from their global travels—from the bustling markets of Russia to the serene landscapes of Japan, and beyond. Each design is a blend of humor, engagement, and poetic vision, offering a delicate yet daring take on the world.

Craftsmanship Without Borders Macon & Lesquoy's journey from concept to creation is meticulously charted. Marie's detailed sketches lay the groundwork, which Anne-Laure brings to life through expert craftsmanship. The duo revitalizes traditional techniques such as the bullion thread embroidery, a craft perfected by artisans in Pakistan, where the brand has established a dedicated workshop. The brand also embraces diversity in craft by incorporating mechanical embroidery from Portugal and the intricate needle-painting technique from Rwanda, ensuring each piece is a testament to global artisanal skill.

Seasonal Inspirations and Timeless Creations Operating from Paris and Granville, Macon & Lesquoy infuse their seasonal collections with the essence of their travels and the beauty of transient moments. Their creations are a sophisticated mix of audacity and elegance, aimed at those who appreciate luxury, humor, and a flair for the unique in their daily lives.

Global Craft for Local Impact The brand’s commitment extends globally, sourcing unique techniques from across the world:

  • Cannetilla in Pakistan: Here, artisans skilled in a centuries-old embroidery technique create exquisite jewelry pieces, continuing a legacy that once adorned British military uniforms.
  • Machine Embroidery in Portugal: This collaboration utilizes the renowned textile expertise of Portugal to produce vibrant patches and textiles.
  • Needle Painting in Rwanda: In partnership with a local cooperative, this technique brings the detailed, emotional touch of hand embroidery to their collection.
  • Leather Work in Paris and Sewing in Granville: Local craftsmanship shines in their leather goods, made using eco-friendly materials and sewn in their own workshops, ensuring premium quality and sustainable practices.


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