Macon & Lesquoy

A creative encounter

Created in 2009 by Marie Macon and Anne-Laure Lesquoy, the French brand bearing both their names offers embroidered accessories. Keen on elegance and details, the two designers love outstanding skills and know how to find the best craftspersons from here or elsewhere. Over the years, their collections have been tinted by the trips they have made together, which inspire them as much as they transport them. From Russia to Japan, from Rwanda to Detroit and Pondichery, the colours and encounters give birth to beautiful ideas. Engaged, funny, sometimes whimsical and always poetic, the look Marie and Anne-Laure take at our world cunningly blends softness and cheek.

A unique savoir-faire

From the idea to the prototype, the creative path of M&L follows meticulous steps. At the outset: the drawings arise from Marie's careful sketching, who leaves nothing to chance. What happens next: the expert artistry of Anne-Laure, who launches the conceptualisation of the item.

Always attentive to highlight specific savoir-faire, Marie and Anne-Laure brought the bullion thread embroidery borrowed from the military badges up-to-date. It is in Pakistan, with remarkable craftspeople, that M&L chose to use this very ancient technique that appeared in Europe and Asia in the 17th century. Travellers in search of the best, the French brand's designers also call upon a mechanic embroidery workshop in Portugal, and a Rwandese workshop for the needle-painting technique.

Through the seasons

Settled in Paris and Granville, Macon&Lesquoy create beautiful collections according to the seasons and their travels. Their creations cunningly blend elegance, audacity and humour.  Since 2009, Macon&Lesquoy have been asserting their originality and their attention to detail, to ever and always charm the Sunday poets, luxury lovers, handsome boys, gorgeous moms and old dandies around the globe, who’d rather laugh at everyday life.

Like an infinite inner journey, creation is also a journey through the world. Macon&Lesquoy do not hesitate to cross the seas and oceans to discover know-how and find the best craftsmen.


The manufacture of embroidered jewellery

Bead, gold and silver thread embroideries have developed from the 17th century in Asia and Europe.

It is a very ancient know-how in Pakistan, where the craftspeople are highly qualified. Under the rule of the British Empire, the grandfather of Macon&Lesquoy’s foreman actually embroidered the English military uniforms. Passed from father to son, the business is now managed by Muhammad, with whom Macon&Lesquoy decided to implement their own workshop, so as to benefit from their outstanding skills. Sixty embroiders work there exclusively, full time, under social and safety conditions imposed, enforced and regularly monitored by the two designers.   

The Cannetilla technique requires a special metal thread to be very finely wound in a spiral, cut at the desired length, and then embroidered like beads. This Cannetilla, or bullion thread, is made in Pakistan, where the metal industry is still flourishing.



The manufacture of patches

Portugal, the European textile cradle, is renowned for its know-how in tailoring, accessories and beautiful finishes - such as embroidery.

Macon&Lesquoy have chosen to entrust the manufacture of their patches to Luis' small, human-sized factory, which is reactive and very open to experimentation. This company has all the textile standards that Europe imposes and is regularly audited.



Cotton thread embroidery

Macon&Lesquoy entrusted the task of making the brand's embroideries using cotton thread, to the cooperative in Rutongo, a village near Kigali.

A story of friendship first: with the talented Véronique from the Ibaba Rwanda workshop, and then of multiple passions: for "grandmother's embroidery" and for the creativity of the African continent, M&L values the know-how of needle painting. 

Marie wanted to find the gestures of her grandmother who was embroidering. And it was with Rwandan craftswomen that she met this very moving know-how, which allows emotions to filter through. Each embroidery is unique, the series are very small.


Leather work in Paris, with Félicie

Cock-a-doodle-doo! For Macon&Lesquoy, the best tanneries and the most environmentally friendly leather are in France.   Félicie Bajard delicately makes all the brand's leather items in her Paris workshop. Her long experience with well known luxury brands benefits M&L, who have become "experts in small accessories". As with all their creations, M&L wants to offer their customers more luxurious products with more accurate finishes, at an affordable price.


Sewing in Granville

Leather goods aside, all the seams of Macon&Lesquoy products are sewn in their workshop in Granville. The bags, flags, belt assembly and the delicate assembly of the lamb bracelets are made by Anne. Anne joined M&L in 2015 and has been able to change hats with talent several times. She now runs the "prototyping and small series" workshop in Normandy.


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