Margote Céramiste

A collection of delicate jewelry entirely based on porcelain, mounted on passementerie created in a traditional French workshop and embellished with stones of different virtues depending on their color. A range of bracelets, chokers, necklaces and earrings recognizable by their little fluorescent link, this tonic comma that punctuates each piece of jewelry. Hanging on an arm, coiled in the hollow of the neck, these fine and original pieces are as many poetic and beneficent messages to be declined and combined with the seasons and moods. Margote ceramist dresses the wrists of the whole family, young and old, and takes care of everyone.

Caroline Girardon

Margote, aka Caroline Girardon, is a young French ceramic artist who has been shaping a universe inspired by the whiteness of kaolin since 2008, as delicate and refined as the porcelain pieces that come out of her workshop. After a beautiful career dedicated to decoration and tableware (*), she has broken free from the classic codes of this noble clay to make it a fashion accessory and create margote ceramiste, a line of unique jewelry, combining porcelain with traditional French passementerie. In a cocoon spirit, and in the image of the messages engraved on her medals - carpe diem, paradise, create your own paradise, woman artist... Caroline combines the accessory with good intentions and even invites herself into your home with her soothing scented pebbles.

Our commitments
The brand margote céramiste is a brand that respects the environment and is sensitive to the principles of sustainable development.

The design and manufacture of its products are based on 4 concepts:

The jewels have a porcelain piece made in our workshop in France in Genilac (Loire), a village of 3,991 inhabitants. The cords are made exclusively for the brand in a passementerie workshop located near the margote workshop. The earth from Normandy is used for the manufacture of the scented pebbles. For the jewelry, the clay chosen for its technical qualities comes from Barcelona. The products are transformed (hand-made, fired, glazed, mounted, packed and shipped) in France in the margote workshop.

The brand strives to respect the 3 pillars of sustainable development:
- Resources come from the soil: the main raw material is the earth; water is used to shape the earth.
- The brand favors the local economy: the recruitment favored people living near the Village, the workshop installed in the heart of the Village participates in the revitalization of local trade. At the environmental level, the team members' travels are limited because of the proximity of their homes and the raw materials and products used come from short circuits.
- Actions: recycling and repair are the 2 fundamental principles of the brand.

The concept of the brand is based on the Earth as the origin of the world, this earth as the mother who gives us life. The jewel is the link between the Earth and the woman. This particular attention to women is reflected in an exclusively female team. Care is taken to ensure their comfort in order to value their human capital, emphasize their needs and their know-how. Thus each skill is valued so that each one finds his place.

The economic model of the brand aims to go beyond the linear economic model since there is no waste. Recycling is one of the fundamental principles of jewelry making: The porcelain pieces, formed from a loaf of clay, become a piece of jewelry. The waste earth is recycled endlessly for the manufacture of other pieces. They are put back into the water so that the clay rests for a while and then it is taken out and sifted to form a new clay loaf. This is the recycling cycle. Consumers are reminded of this principle and are made aware of it through the communication around the products. Repair is another fundamental principle of the brand since no end of life of the jewel is programmed. Jewelry is taken back and repaired on request.


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