Margote Céramiste

Margote Ceramiste: Crafting Elegance from Earth

Overview of the Brand Universe Margote Ceramiste offers an exquisite collection of delicate jewelry pieces, each intricately designed around porcelain elements. These creations are accented with traditionally made French passementerie and adorned with stones that carry unique properties based on their colors. The range includes bracelets, chokers, long necklaces, and earrings, each marked by a distinctive neon link—a vibrant signature that adds a touch of flair to each piece. Designed to send poetic and beneficial messages, these ceramic treasures are meant to be mixed and matched through seasons and moods, providing elegant adornment for both adults and children alike.

The Vision of Axelle and Justine Girodet The brand has evolved to be helmed by two sisters-in-law, Axelle and Justine Girodet, who bring their extensive backgrounds in commerce, communication, and marketing into their creative pursuits. Together, they continue to nurture the delicate and refined spirit of Margote, driven by a profound love for porcelain and a shared vision for creative collaboration.

Core Values of Sustainability and Artisanship Margote Ceramiste is deeply committed to environmental responsibility and sustainable development principles. The jewelry is crafted from porcelain made in their French workshop, with cords exclusively produced in a nearby passementerie workshop. The clay used for their scent pebbles comes from Normandy, while the porcelain clay for their jewelry is sourced from Barcelona for its superior technical qualities.

Commitment to Sustainable Practices

Natural and Local Resources Margote Ceramiste’s operations adhere strictly to sustainable development principles:

  • They utilize earth and water to craft their porcelain, emphasizing natural resources.
  • Local economies are supported by prioritizing nearby talent for staffing and revitalizing local commerce with their village-centered workshop.
  • Environmental impact is minimized through short commute distances for team members and short supply chains for materials.
  • The brand’s philosophy includes recycling and repairing as fundamental principles, ensuring that their products promote a circular economy.

Artisanal Excellence Margote Ceramiste transcends traditional economic models by eliminating waste; their porcelain scraps are infinitely recycled in-house to create new pieces. This cyclical process involves soaking the clay remnants, allowing them to settle, and then reconditioning them for future creations. This approach is communicated to customers to enhance awareness about sustainable consumption.

Repair and Longevity True to their artisanal ethos, the brand does not design for obsolescence. Instead, they offer repair services to prolong the life of each piece, embodying their commitment to sustainability and care for their products.

Embrace the Timeless Elegance of Margote Ceramiste Discover the elegant and eco-conscious world of Margote Ceramiste, where every piece of jewelry tells a story of art, nature, and enduring craftsmanship. Join them in celebrating sustainable luxury that’s both beautiful and beneficial to the world.


Explore Sustainable Elegance with Margote Ceramiste
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