Petites Pommes

Reviving a Childhood Classic: The Journey of Petites Pommes

In 2019, founders Celine and Anna, driven by a passion for iconic design, introduced their very first float in Denmark. Dissatisfied with the ephemeral and generic offerings available for their daughters, they envisioned a superior alternative: swim rings characterized by enhanced design and enduring quality.

Today, Petites Pommes is celebrated for its elegant stripes and premium-quality inflatables, which enhance the joy of beach and poolside moments. The brand's products, renowned for their timeless appeal, are available across 40 markets and more than 400 retailers.

Sustainable and Joyful: The Core of Petites Pommes

Petites Pommes commits to environmental responsibility by crafting durable products from approved materials, aiming for a minimal ecological footprint. Their mission extends beyond aesthetics; it is about crafting floats that foster joyful and memorable experiences.

The brand upholds rigorous standards to produce the finest floats worldwide, using skin-friendly seams and adhering to stringent safety protocols. Each float is designed to be fashionable yet timeless, ensuring longevity across numerous seasons. In a stride towards greater sustainability, all packaging has been shifted to recycled or organic materials, and every float comes with a repair patch to extend its life.

Petites Pommes continues to explore innovative materials that meet the unique requirements of high-quality, safe inflatable swim rings, staying at the forefront of sustainable practices within the industry.


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