The Journey of Pigmée

Florence was born and raised in France in Normandy. After graduating from the ESMOD School in Paris she had professional experience in haute couture for over ten years. Her interest in the kid’s world started after her first son Lucas was born.

Being extremely happy with this dynamic and booming sector as well as daily inspiration from her child, she created the brand Pigmée in 2008. Pigmée fabric dolls were born out of a great passion, audacity, serendipity and beautiful occasions, that soon became the emblem of the brand and a never-ending source of interpretation for the children.

Being convinced that adults and children can live together in harmony, Florence expanded her textile decoration creations and some everyday items, to create a complete poetic universe for the whole house.

The production started in Morocco and then in India, favoring craftsmen with unique pieces and limited series.

Today Pigmée has over 150 outlets in the world. And the adventure continues…



Pigmée is living in a universe in which adults and children are growing up in harmony.

A family living together sharing the same essential values in esthetics and discoveries. A sensibility that appeals to all generations.

A come back to origins: fabrics and colors are inspired from vintage toys in order to keep simplicity and softness with a handmade touch.


Pigmée’s doll is made from a vintage keepsake doll. Neither a character nor an animal, there is no front, no back or face.

Pigmée allows every child to use their imagination. Far away from the marketed super-hero and impersonal tinsel toy, the Pigmée doll stimulates eclectic imagination and original adventures that evolve with children boy or girl.


Have a look to all the handcraft details which make Pigmée’s creations very specials.

Years of improvements with an hand made quality in Morocco


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