Bon Coeurs

Arrow Heart Ex-Voto


To hang on your walls alone or accompanied by other small hearts or symbols for good luck ...
It is made of embossed tinplate, patinated by hand, which gives it this nice golden color and its old side.
This object is the work of a craftsman, so each ex-voto is unique by the grain, the patina and small differences. 

10 x 13 x 0.1 cm / 4.25  x 5.25 x 0.1"
Made in India.


Camille and Justine Bonneville, two sisters.
Boncoeurs objects are born from the whimsical and generous imagination of two sisters who believe in their lucky star and know how to magnify everyday life with a detail. The result is touching, offbeat, breathtaking. They offer unique decorative objects, inspired by religious art but not only,  Indian influences of course and a form of freshness that reminds us of the best of our childhood.

Celebrate the invisible.
From the earliest traces of human life, art has celebrated the irrational.
Mystical, symbolic, believing, spiritual ... Incantation and prayer are essential to mankind, cults reinforce peoples in their humanity.
Power of symbolism, spiritualism, philosophical wisdom, religious faith, witchcraft, lyricism, palmistry, aestheticism ... And everywhere the invisible has visible effects: it inspires creation, brings people together, protects souls, strengthens beings reveals meaning. Exvotos, nails, gris-gris, halos, crosses, mirrors, candle jewelry, textiles ... Boncoeurs invites us to love the invisible.

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