Chocolate bars


Comptoir du Cacao is a family-run artisan chocolate factory that makes fine, single-origin, pure cacao butter chocolates in unique, new flavours following the artisan tradition of the great chocolate masters.

All the process of manufacturing and packaging takes place in their factory in the heart of the French countryside, 100 km south of Paris.

The choice of the noblest raw materials, the simplicity of the products guided by excellence in taste and the authenticity of our concept are our trade mark.

All their natural packages come from a variety of French regions (Vosges, Sologne, Jura, Bretagne), each one specialising in the manufacturing of the different types of wood they use.

Their specialities are well-known for their quality and unparalleled taste, especially theirr flaky pralines Collection, winners of 1st (hazelnut) and 2nd prize (Salted-butter caramel) at the Salon du Chocolat de Paris.

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