Salts "Les Terres Blanches "


Sonia Fanger, fine cuisine enthusiast, created Les Terres Blanches with the idea of selecting the best Fleurs de Sel (the ultimate flavor enhancer) from France and around the world.

She opted for modern yet artisanal ceramic pot as a beautifier for these high-quality
Fleurs de Sel. The finish is velvety; the natural cork allows the salt to breathe and to last forever. The selection process is based on a strict code of ethics: artisanal product (hand harvested with wooden shovels as per traditional know-how), naturally sundried, no additive or processing.

Ile de Ré : The white gold of Ile de Ré is reputed for being harvested in a well preserved and extraordinary environment. This Fleur de Sel is the finest in the world
and its delicate flavor comes from the natural source of magnesium and trace elements.
To be savored with fish, tartare, ceviche and salads.

Noirmoutier : As white as snow, these salt crystals are the most magnificent of the range. The grains are fine and delicate for a great finesse on the palate. Would enhance superbly any dishes : meat, fish or foie gras.

Camargue : This Fleur de sel comes from a saltworks in the Camargue in the south of France. Recognized for its subtle pink color due to the concentration of pink micro-shrimp which flamingos of the region feed on, this salt goes great with salads, fish, and Mediterranean dishes. It also has a particularly pronounced iodine flavor.

Périgord Truffle : Superb blend of the truffle Tuber Melanosporum which taste and scent are
powerful with the Queen of Fleur de sel, as white as snow.
Wonderful zip for foie gras, best pieces of meat and fish. Amazing to top off pastas, omelettes or scrambled eggs

Guérande: This Fleur de sel comes from a saltworks on the Guérande peninsula in France.
Known to gourmets around the world, this fleur de sel is particularly popular with chefs for its light scent of violet and its very white color. This fleur de sel has long been considered the best in the world, thanks to its authentic know-how. It is the most famous fleur de sel around the world.

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