Onde Gold

$65.00 $130.00

The ONDE Gold cutlery, with its impressive coating, takes us into a dreamlike and luxuriant world sprinkled with golden touches. This cutlery alone brings the chic and glamorous touch that transforms a simple table into an elegant stage where sophistication is pride of place. The ONDE Gold collection, with charm and finesse, brings a touch of brilliance to the table.

Associated with a refined or more richly decorated style of tableware, the genres mix and match brilliantly.

The gold finish is obtained thanks to a complex technique, which brings an incomparable but nonetheless delicate shine that can age over time, always giving more character to your table. It is recommended to pay particular attention to this cutlery, and to not use an intensive dishwasher programme, which is higher than 50°. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for adjusting the water softener and preferably use a tablet or powder detergent and not liquid.

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