Bougies La Francaise

Pilar Candles


The evening promises to be bright with this black cylindrical candle. On the corner of a table, this pillar candle plays the card of chic and elegance. Mass-tinted, the decorative candle in its black sheath brings a contemporary touch to your living room. Dress it up with a splash of color and showcase the sleek style of this black candle even more.

Handcrafted, these black candles are crafted using traditional methods to ensure premium quality. These candles have an exceptional burning quality, ensuring for each candle a burning time of approximately 50 hours, without risk of sagging.

4 sizes available:

Burning Time +/- 125 hours
Height 8"
Diameter 3"


Burning Time +/- 75 hours
Height 6"
Diameter 2.75"

Burning Time +/- 50 hours
Height 4"
Diameter 2.75"


Burning Time +/- 10 hours
Height 2"
Diameter 1.5"

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