Ateliers Saint-Lazare

The Paper Bags

$2.50 $5

Multi-purpose paper bags available in several capacities. Printed as the whole "l'Article" collection,  on both sides, in french and in english.

3,7 L: Size 6" x  11" x 3.5"
set of 2, one french, one english.
Made in USA 

23 L: Size  10.5" × 21" × 6.5", 
33 L: Size 12.5" × 24" × 6" 
66 L: Size 20" × 27" × 8"
Made in France.

Les Ateliers Saint-Lazare are a creative studio collective.
Well known for their collaboration with Merci, one of the most iconic shopping place in Paris. They are now working both in Paris and NYC, proposing branding, architecture and product design.

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Want to learn more about the brand ? Read our blog post !

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