Armistice shoes

Armistice is the latest addition to the Rautureau establishment, founded in 1870, a shoemaker for four generations, Vendée, France.

His first signature, the Stone One is now an essential classic. Oversized eyelets, sailor-style laces and a neo-retro spirit are the hallmarks of our little French sneaker.

Season after season, the Armistice brand establishes itself as a creative brand that wishes to elegantly extend the silhouette of men and women. The streetwear and neo surf influence combine with the classic codes of city shoes.

its creation and according to Armistice meetings since collaborations with brands, musicians who gravitate in this universe. Summer and winter, Armistice offers shoes with a fluid look, designed to gently beat the pavement of the cities and boast on the weekend.

A single watchword: defend fashion without artifice, simple and authentic.

It renews itself eco-friendly through the PACT line, composed of organic cotton canvas, 15% recycled rubber for the soles, inserts of paper fibers and recycled leather scraps, resin glue containing no material of animal origin, cotton thread embroidery to draw the eyelet and tissue paper, cornstarch shoe trees and a biodegradable box for packaging. A constant search of production more respectful of the environment.

From Armistice.

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