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Armistice Shoes: Blending Tradition and Trend in Eco-Friendly Footwear

A Legacy of Shoemaking Excellence

Armistice represents the latest innovation from the Rautureau family, a lineage of shoemakers established in 1870 in Vendée, France. With a history spanning over a century and four generations, Armistice carries forward the family's commitment to craftsmanship and quality in every pair of shoes.

The Signature Stone One: A Modern Classic

The brand's first signature shoe, the Stone One, has quickly become a staple in footwear. Characterized by its oversized eyelets, sailor-style laces, and a distinctive neo-retro appeal, the Stone One is a testament to Armistice's ability to reinvent the classic sneaker with a touch of French elegance.

Seasonal Innovations and Diverse Influences

Armistice is recognized for its continual evolution, drawing influences from streetwear and neo-surf styles while maintaining the classic aesthetics of traditional city shoes. Each collection is designed to complement the modern silhouette, offering elegant footwear options for both men and women throughout the seasons.

Sustainable Practices in Fashion

Committed to environmental responsibility, Armistice has introduced the PACT line, a collection that emphasizes sustainability without sacrificing style. This eco-friendly range includes features such as organic cotton canvas, soles made from 15% recycled rubber, paper fiber inserts, and recycled leather scraps. The use of resin glue free from animal-derived materials, cotton thread for embroidery, cornstarch shoe trees, and biodegradable packaging demonstrates the brand's ongoing commitment to reducing its environmental impact.

A Commitment to Authentic Fashion

Armistice stands by a clear motto: to defend a fashion that is simple, authentic, and devoid of pretense. The brand continues to innovate with materials and designs that respect the planet, ensuring that every product not only looks good but also contributes positively to environmental sustainability.

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