Atelier Letterpress

L'Atelier Letterpress: Reviving Traditional Printing with Modern Elegance

Rediscovering the Art of Letterpress

L'Atelier Letterpress stands as a beacon of traditional printing in an era dominated by digital technology. Utilizing a 1950s Heidelberg letterpress, this French artisanal stationery brand brings to life the tactile beauty of letterpress printing, where inks are mixed by hand and each color is applied separately. The distinctive impression made by the embossed printing forms creates a visually stunning and tactile experience, especially when combined with luxurious papers like thick, soft cotton.

Tradition Meets Modern Innovation

While letterpress printing dates back to the 19th century, L'Atelier Letterpress has transformed this old-fashioned technique to meet contemporary standards without losing its historical essence. Unlike traditional methods that aimed for a flat print, today’s letterpress embraces the unique embossed effect, enhancing the depth and texture of each printed piece. Modern photopolymer plates allow for the transfer of intricate designs from digital to print, merging historical craftsmanship with modern design capabilities.

The Allure of the Letterpress Effect

The charm of letterpress lies in the 'debossed' effect it leaves on the paper, inviting touch and offering a multisensory experience. L'Atelier Letterpress selects only the finest papers to highlight this feature, with preferences for thick, heavy textures often made from 100% cotton. The deep and vibrant colors achieved through the use of pure Pantone inks provide a stark contrast to conventional four-color printing, bringing each design to life with exceptional clarity and brightness.

Craftsmanship and Personal Touch

At L'Atelier Letterpress, printing is an art that demands patience and precision. Each document is a labor of love, requiring meticulous hand-mixed inks and careful alignment to achieve perfection. The slight variations between prints add a unique character to each piece, celebrating the individuality of artisanal creation.

Sustainable Practices in a Unique Setting

Positioned on a barge amid the serene greenery south of Paris, L'Atelier Letterpress not only focuses on aesthetic excellence but also champions environmental responsibility. The workshop selects certified, recycled papers and employs eco-friendly processes, emphasizing the brand’s commitment to sustainability.

About the Founders

Denis and Mylène, the passionate duo behind L'Atelier Letterpress, discovered letterpress in 2011 and quickly became devoted to mastering this craft. After extensive training in Australia and the USA, they returned to France to establish their studio, specializing initially in wedding and birth announcements before transitioning to art prints and cards. Today, they continue to push the boundaries of letterpress with their dedication to quality and innovation.


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