Le Sou Français

Le Sou Français: Reviving History Through Elegant Coin Jewelry


Crafting Legacy and Elegance from Historic Coins

Founded in 2015, Le Sou Français draws its inspiration from a poignant family heirloom dating back to the early days of World War II. The narrative begins with a simple 10-centime franc, given by my great-grandfather to my grandmother as a memento before he was mobilized for war. This coin, tied to her wrist, served as a lasting reminder of her father, who unfortunately never returned from the front. This deeply personal story sparked the creation of Le Sou Français, transforming old coins into cherished pieces of jewelry, each carrying a story of its own.

A Tradition of Transformation and Craftsmanship

Le Sou Français breathes new life into historical French coins, specifically the Lindauer coins from 1917-1939 and the new francs of the 1960s up to the euro transition. The process involves meticulous restoration to return each coin to its former glory, followed by plating in silver, gold, or matte black to ensure durability. Each piece is handcrafted in our workshop in Hossegor in the South West of France, blending traditional techniques with modern aesthetics.

Sustainable Practices and Artisan Collaboration

Our commitment to sustainability is showcased through our partnership with Tannerie Rémy Carriat for exceptional leathers and Atelier Façon Cuir for their expert leather crafting. These collaborations underline our dedication to quality and local craftsmanship. Moreover, our packaging efforts are supported by ESAT Arbonne, which helps integrate people with disabilities into the workforce, adding a layer of social responsibility to our luxury products.

Preserving a Rich Heritage and Embracing the Future

Le Sou Français is more than just a jewelry brand; it's a guardian of stories and a bridge between past and present. As some coins become rarer, like the Lindauer with holes, we've contemplated reproductions to continue offering our iconic pieces without losing the essence of historical authenticity.

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