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We believe that it should be easy to eat great, tasteful, and healthy food every single day. It is a mis- sion of ours to develop and keep developing delicious products made on behalf of our strong believe in and preference for raw ingredients and food of the highest quality.

At Nicolas Vahé, we live to surprise and to challenge the ordinary. We create astonishing tast experi- ences and combine products in ways you have never seen before. A Nicolas Vahé product will give you a experience beyond the ordinary – in regards to ingredients, packaging and taste combinations. Only when everything plays together perfectly will the experience take you new places. All our products tell a story, create an very special Nicolas Vahé atmosphere and make perfect sense in daily cooking routines. What is your story going to look like. How will it taste ?

Did you know that Nicolas Vahé started with jams ? 

Nicolas Vahé was established in 2011 which makes 2021 our 10-year anniversary. Back then our range of products was a little different or, well, smaller. In 2011 you could find the following text on our website:

At Nicolas Vahé we have a wide range of jams – something for every taste.

This is of course still true, but back then jams really made out the entire range of products. Today we still have a wide selection of jams, but during the ten years since our humble beginnings, Nicolas Vahé has evolved into so much more. Today we make everything you need to perfect your cooking – from spices and beverages to kitchen tools and, of course, jam. Meanwhile our talented chefs create delicious, inspiring recipes so you can put your products to good use.

Nobody knows what the future holds, but one thing is for certain; Nicolas Vahé will keep making high quality products for you to enjoy, long into the future.


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